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Consulting Services

1- Consultations

INTEC has a group of scientifically efficient experts with practical experience which makes it able to provide consultation services in the following fields:

1-1- Organizational Studies:

  • Organizational Development.
  • Organization Development.
  • Setting Long-term objectives for the organization.
  • Developing an appropriate organizational structure to achieve the organization objectives.
  • Determining the main fields of activities.
  • Determining alternatives for organizational structure.
  • Job Description and Job specifications.
  • Developing standards of employee performance evaluation.
  • Determining the payroll and remunerations that are commensurate with each job.
  • Developing administrative work guidelines and activity flow charts of each organizational unit.
  • Suggesting computer programs that are suitable for entry of administrative information and its applications through the computer.

These studies are conducted as per the international trends in designing organizational structures and job performance evaluation standards further to job specifications according to the concept of human resources development in the context of the Balanced Scorecard system.

1-2-In the area of Human Resources Management & Development:

  • Recruitment & Selection Systems
  • Compensation, benefits & Incentive Schemes
  • Manpower planning/ Modeling
  • Training needs assessment
  • Designing training plans
  • Career development systems
  • Training Audits
  • Evaluation system (Training Plans)
  • Performance Appraisal Systems
  • Developing & Establishment Training Centers
  • Downsizing

1-3-In the area of Project Management:


  • Preparation/Evaluation of Tender packages
  • Project planning & Scheduling
  • Subcontractors' Performance Control System
  • Cost estimates & Cost Control
  • Progress Report System
  • Claims settlement system
  • Computer applications in managing & implementing projects
  • Pricing tender Items

1-4-In the area of Environment, Occupational Health & Safety:


  • Assessment of existing standards/ systems and pinpointing identified deficiencies in any one of the above areas.
  • Formulation of detailed plans and action programs to improve existing systems.
  • Evaluation of organizations' needs for personal protection appliances/equipment and the selection of most efficient and cost-effective items.
  • Evaluation of organizations' need for fire prevention systems and the selection of most efficient and cost effective items.
  • Conducting Risk- assessment studies to ensure compliance with health and safety codes and legislations.
  • Conducting economic feasibility studies involving organization's safety policies/ procedures and measuring tangible and intangible returns.
  • Designing environment protection systems in compliance with international codes and standards.

1-5-In the area of Financial & Accounting studies

  • Design & Implementation of the following:
  • Financial Accounting Systems and manuals
  • Cost accounting systems
  • Budgets & Integrated budgeting systems
  • Internal auditing & internal control
  • Financial reports systems
  • Computer – assisted applications
  • Credit risk assessment
  • Capital allocation

1-6-In the area of Economic Studies & Projects Evaluation

  • Economic feasibility studies for new projects
  • Feasibility studies of expansions in existing projects
  • Economic feasibility studies of alternative capital investments
  • Economic & Financial studies to valuate capital stocks of existing projects
  • Economic & Financial studies for valuation of overall project.
  • Feasibility studies include:
    • Marketing study to determine demand on commodities/services.
    • Technical studies to ensure availability of technological and human resources.
    • Financial studies
    • Financial indicators to measure project profitability and ability to fulfill obligations
    • Economic study to assess risks
    • Projects valuation and determination of stocks market value
    • Feasibility studies for new branches

1-7-In the area of Information Technology

  • Designing information systems complete with software programs relevant to:
    • Production
    • Accounts & costs
    • Inventories
    • Networking systems
    • Internet websites
    • Budgeting & internal audits
    • Administrative reports
    • Compensation & benefits
    • Marketing studies
    • Banking

1-8- Engineering & Technical Domains (for industrial, electricity, energy & petroleum sectors):

  • Diagnostic studies to identify problems encountered by organizations.
  • Formulating the general framework of action plans aimed at improving performance.
  • Designing work systems and procedures in the following:
    • Maintenance & reliability studies
    • Production planning
    • Marketing
    • Research, promotional companies & advertising
    • Equipment/ facility remodeling & upgrading
    • Production operations development
  • Formulation of detailed implementation plans for solving problems/ efficiency improvement.
  • Follow-up of implementation to ensure disciplined and accurate implementation.

1-9-In the area of Corporate Governance:


  • Qualifying human power on the levels of ( presidents , members of board directors , executive managers , and board secretaries ) to implement effective management practice in any company applying corporate governance principles .
  • Developing the procedures and work system needed to implement corporate governance principles in any organization.