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Risk Management

Ref Dates Venues Fees
MG05 26 Aug - 30 Aug Dubai 2000 USD Register Now
MG05 02 Sep - 06 Sep Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • Raise basic awareness of risk management.
  • Enable participated to identify and manage risk in organization through adequate forward planning of potential risk.
  • Understand the effect of risk management
  • Learn risk management practical application in any organization

Who Should Attend?

  • Risk management managers and teams
  • Managers, supervisor and team leaders
  • Anyone wants to improve workplace safety in organization level

Course Outline :

  • Introduction:
    • The impact of recent change on organization today
  • Risk and Crisis Management Skills:
    • Risk and crisis definition
    • Causes of risk and crisis
    • Risk and crisis principles
    • Risk and crisis management planning
    • Dealing of risk and crisis responsibilities
  • Risk Management Proces:
    • Risk identification
    • Risk analysis
    • Risk evaluation
    • Risk monitoring and control
  • Risk Management Vs Risk Avoidance:
    • How to protect your organization from crisis
    • Security problems
    • Employee related problems
    • Organization problems
    • Organization culture
    • Problem solving and decision making
    • Risk management mistakes
    • Risk management personal skills
  • Practical Case Studies and Exercises at the End of Each Training Session.

Duration :

One Week