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Ethic and Human Resource Management

Ref Dates Venues Fees
HR12 02 Apr - 13 Apr Dubai 3000 USD Register Now
HR12 09 Jul - 20 Jul Cairo 2500 USD Register Now
HR12 13 Aug - 24 Aug Dubai 3000 USD Register Now
HR12 20 Aug - 31 Aug Los Angeles 3750 USD Register Now
HR12 22 Oct - 02 Nov Cairo 2500 USD Register Now

Course Objective:

  • Human Resources management is a business function that is concerned employees, employs and managers, especially responsibilities and rights of each party are in this relationship.
  • This course will focus on the ethical basis of human resources management through:
    • Understanding the ethical nature of human resources management.
    • Identify current ethical issues confronting human resources managers.
    • Explain a range of approaches to deal with ethical problems.
    • Requiring ethical decision and skills.

Who should attend:

  • Human Resources Managers
  • Human Resources Professional

Course Content:

  • Introduction: An Overview of Human Resources Management:
    • The new roles of human resources management.
    • human resources management objectives.
  • Managing Human Resources:
    • Employee rights
    • Approaches of disciplinary action
  • The Ethical Nature of Human Resources Management:

    • Ethics in the business environment

    • Ethics, values and laws

    • What shaped ethical behavior at work

    • Examples of unethical practice of human resources management

    • Some Common Ethical Dilemmas Face and How to Handle Them.

  • Ethical Decisions Making Process:

    • Steps of ethical decision making

    • Obstacles to good ethical decision making 
  • Characteristics of Ethical Human Resources Management and Professionals: 
    • Ethical leadership 
    • Ethical communications
    • Ethical quality 
    • Preparing Code of Ethics and Professional Standards is Human Resources Management – Workshop.


Two weeks