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Designing Effective Performance Management

Ref Dates Venues Fees
HR02 28 Jan - 01 Feb Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
HR02 18 Feb - 22 Feb Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
HR02 25 Feb - 01 Mar Dubai 2000 USD Register Now
HR02 06 May - 10 May Cairo 1750 USD Register Now
HR02 14 Oct - 18 Oct Cairo 1750 USD Register Now

Objectives :

  • This program is design specially to help managers: 
    • Create the most effective performance management and appraisal system in their organization.
    •  Acquire skills needed to face performance managemet.
    • Improve their skills for managing, directing, assessing and improving employees performance. 

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers at all levels and fields in the organization.
  •  HR managers and specialists. 
  • Supervisors and team leaders. 

Course Outline :

  • Introduction:
    •  How to design a completely new performance appraisal system from scratch. 
    • The importance of performance appraisal. 
    • Criteria's of effective performance appraisal system.
  •  Performance Planning
    • Managers and employees responsibilities in performance planning. 
    • The difference between results and activities. 
    • How to determine every employee key responsibilities. 
    • Factors affecting choosing evaluation performance method.
    • How to set performance objective.
  •  Performance Execution:
    •  Managers and employee responsibilities.
    • How a manager follow employee performance.
    •  Correcting performance problem techniques.
    • Motivating employee performance. 
  •  Performance Appraisal:
    •  Defining performance appraisal. 
    • Managers and employees roles.
    • Information needed to write a good performance appraisal report. 
    • Rating errors. 
    • Methods to avoid personal side and biased. 
    • Handling employee reactions. 
  • Performance Appraisal Forms:
    •  How to determine the appropriate form
    •  The performance appraisal form elements
    • Performance appraisal skills
  •  Effective Performance Appraisal System :
    • The role of training 
    • Top management role. 
    • HR role. 
  • Performance Development Plan
    • Factors influence developing employee performance. 
    • Component of performance development plan.
    •  Identifying performance gabs. 
    • Design an appropriate discipline system for workforce today. 

Duration :

One Week